Tuesday 8 February 2011

Weather relents and progress regained!

So, once the weather relented in January we were at last able to make some real progress on site. Firstly the external insulation was fitted between the rafters to allow the roofing to continue. Fiddly this with the extended rafter foot needing to be accommodated within the insulation zone, but essential to maintain progress.

Then window fitting could proceed at last, and some experts from the supplier soon had these in place. Remarkably this seems to transform the site and it begins to take visual shape. Extended protection has been applied to protect the PPC finish, and the extended sills look exposed awaiting the insulation placement.

Insulation placement has been a problem as both air and surface temperatures need to be above 5 degrees, so maybe January wasn't the best time to try and do this, but things are warming up and so hopefully we'll soon be wrapped up nice and warm.

Fortunately it is not on the critical path, so Bramall have been busy internally, first fixing mechanical and electrical, including the MVHR ducts.

Further work has been going on as well on completing the various membranes and tapes in preparation for an initial, pre-plaster air leakage test. Although the plaster is our actual air leakage membrane, it is felt worth testing before plaster to see if there are any unforeseen areas that may need attention. Bramall have purchased their own 'hovercraft' as it is known and we anxiously await the first test results.

The photo here shows the air tightness tapes around the window and door frames before sealing to the walls, and the DAS tape at the junction of the wall to the floor. All of these get plastered in so as to link to the air tight plaster membrane.

And I can't sign off without congratulating the Bramall site team on the quality of the catering at site meetings which is much improved since my first blogged comment!
Ahh, the power of the internet!!

Chris Parsons
Parsons + Whittley Architects.
Feb 2011

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